Saturday, August 23, 2008

Spreading the book love

A few months ago, my best friends and I were talking about our books. It's a big common love we share, and between the three of us, I guess we've amassed enough books to start our own private library. Our tastes are pretty eclectic, but we all love a good romance novel.

I took stock of my collection and realized that I have a lot! I also realised that as time passes, I add more and more to my collection to the point that I don't know where to put them in anymore! My books are spilling over from the bookshelves, from my closet onto the floor. I hate seeing them in a jumble, especially since I try to take extreme care of my books.

With that dilemma and a heavy heart, I sorted my books and decided to let go of a few of them. Believe me, letting any book go is hard! I can't help but look at them fondly and remember the happiness I felt when reading them, and all of a sudden, I don't want to let them go. But I have to.

If you're interested in getting something new to read at a lesser price, you can check out our store over at Multiply. It's called Books and Baubles, and is a collective project between my best friends and myself. We've already let go of several books, and still have some in our inventory. I'm currently sorting out my books again, as I've gotten some new ones and again need the space.

I can guarantee that the books are in good condition, although some may be a bit older, with a few yellowing pages, they were all taken care of by their previous owners. Very few of them are a bit tattered, but we'll tell you up front which ones are. The pictures you'll see are of the actual books, so you can see their actual condition.

For more info, you can look at our FAQ. Happy browsing!


  1. Oh, goodie! I'll check them out! :) I love books! And I hate selling them or giving them away.. Call me a pack rat, but I am hopeless when it comes to my books! :D

  2. Haha I know what you mean. I love books talaga. I still have a lot of my grandmother's pocketbooks, and when the time came that I really had to get rid of them, I cried. I kept a few of the ones whose stories I liked best, but remembering the huge shelf that was once so full of her books fills me with a bit of sadness. Then I recall the good times I had reading those books, well, I realize that others might have fun reading them too. Hehe.