Monday, November 16, 2009

Alternative to Disqus for your Tumblr

A few months ago, I wrote about adding a commenting feature on your Tumblr using Disqus. Just today, I received a comment on that entry from Lee, letting me know about an alternative to Disqus. is really simple. With only two pieces of code and no sign-up required, it's easy to install it in you Tumblr. There's no other links to distract you (Disqus has a lot of odd links and buttons), and visitors would only need to comment using their name and web address, which are both optional as well.

I've tried it out on my "Salamat Po" Tumblr and it's working great (although I need to figure out how to make the comment link nearer to the actual post than a previous post). I surprisingly got a comment in less than a minute of adding it up.

With its ease of use, it's really a great alternative to Disqus. I'd love to see some added features though, if it's possible, especially something like a tracking system for comments, or the option to receive email when people post a comment in your entries. It would also be great if there was an archive feature.

Give Cmmnt a try!

I edited the code to place the comment link above the title. IMPORTANT! When you move or edit the code, all comments will be gone!