Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy birthday Miss Write!

The Internet is such an amazing thing/place (whichever you want to call it). It has considerably freed up a lot of things, as well as making opportunities available to people that normally would be a bit difficult IRL.

One thing that I find fascinating is meeting people. Browsing and blogging has brought me in contact with people I probably won't meet in my everyday life, being a bit of a hermit and all :p Quite a bit of the people I know now and enjoy talking to, I met online. And being online also helps me keep in touch with friends who live in other places.

One person I met through LiveJournal (though how, I still can't figure out) is Miss Write. I suppose we had common friends in LJ, and one thing led to another until we added each other up to our flists. Oddly enough, I met her sister in a seminar, but I've yet to meet MW in person.

August is her birthday month, and to celebrate, she's holding a contest. Drop by her blog and check out the mechanics. It's pretty easy, and there are great prizes at stake. Join now and give her a great birthday gift, and who knows, you just might wn the prize! :)

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