Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Professor Layton VS. Ace Attorney on the Nintendo 3DS

I am a big Professor Layton fan, although it was quite by accident. I borrowed a friend's Nintendo DS mostly to play Final Fantasy. One boring afternoon, I took a break from FF and decided to check out "Professor Layton and the Curious Village".

I was hooked. My sister was hooked, and so was my mom. I played that and "The Diabolical Box" and wanted more. Since I can't understand Japanese, I have to wait for the English releases, and boy, sometimes it is a long wait.

Today, I heard the news that Level 5, the company that created Professor Layton, is working with Capcom (yes, that CAPCOM) to bring a crossover puzzle/crime mystery game to the Nintendo 3DS. It's called Professor Layton VS Gyakuten saiban (Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney).

Yes. Layton AND Ace Attorney.

Ace Attorney creator Shu Takumi will helm the writing team for the game. This ought to be good. In the meantime, I will go scour the internet for an Ace Attorney Revoltech, and save up for a 3DS.

Thanks to MarkPoa for the heads up. Joystiq and Siliconera for the details and photos.

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