Friday, September 26, 2008

Hello, Mac

I'm a new Mac user. In my years handling computers, from early highschool to present, I was strictly Windows. Partly has something to do with the mentality that Mac = expensive, and that it wasn't particularly user friendly. Plus, I didn't know anyone who had an Apple machine that I could tinker around with. Those were somewhat rendered obsolete in my country way before I was born (or at least, that was my impression).

Years ago, when I first started doing digital drawings, I came across the debate of PC vs. Mac. A lot of people said that Mac was a better choice, however, I never really knew why. It wasn't until I attended a workshop on Adobe Illustrator that someone gave me a reason why that was so. It had something to do with how a Mac calibrates the colors, he said, but that was way before. Now, I don't really know.

Though I think I digress.

I never really thought I'd go over to the Mac-side, but here I am. The decision was backed by testimonials of people I really know who have switched and loved it. Somehow, reading it online is different from hearing it from people whose opinions I trusted. With that, plus the bargain I got from a local Apple dealer, I took the plunge.

The image
Hanging out with the new iPod Nano 4th gen.

Besides, I figured with my mom and my sister having their own new Windows based laptops, two desktops and one old but still very functional Compaq Armada, it's only fitting to bring in something different. As my Spanish professor said, "Variety delights."

The initial reaction of opening up the Mac would be similar to me opening up a new Windows laptop. I'm sorry if that sounds like heresy, but having no point of comparison with an older Mac OS, I didn't know what to expect. My excitement stemmed more from the though of having a new toy to play with; from finally having a laptop of my own.

The transition wasn't so bad as I thought. Of all the things I've read, many have expressed fear of having trouble using the keys, what with Windows on the Alt+Control sige, Mac with Opt+Command. In my opinion, if you're mouse dependent and don't really use the key shortcuts at all, it doesn't really matter. So far the only "trouble" I had was getting used to the fact that when I need to use "control" on the Mac, it's nearer the spacebar.

I'm still a heavy Windows user, as it's my machine at work and I spend eight hours on it, five days a week. Most of the programs I use at work are in the Windows machine at home (there are Mac counterparts for them but I haven't gotten them yet) too, so when I need to bring home any office related stuff, I end up using the PC. The Mac, for now, is strictly a leisure tool.

Obviously, I haven't fully explored the Mac OS X yet. My "reading list" is full of guides on using the OS X and making the most out of it. There's still so much to explore, and I'm looking forward to that. I have my gripes about the Mac, but so far, it seems trivial. I'm missing the full screen function, especially when I'm typing a document (though I wonder if this is just with the TextEditor and if it'll work fine on Office for Mac?). The trackpad seems too sensitive at times and I kept opening browsers that I know I didn't click on. I hate how all the white seems to attract all the dirt and I have to be forever wiping the wrist area just to be sure there's not a smidgen of dust.

I also miss some of the functions that Windows and it's related peripherals have, like the "page up" and "page down" keys that come in handy when reading. I also found it initially confusing that the "delete" on Mac functions more of like a backspace. I can't find the Equalizer on iTunes, and I can't seem to keep the color changes I make on the fonts of YM. Well, probably that isn't a worry but it bothers me a bit.

I chalk this all up to a typical behaviour from being a longtime Windows user to a newbie Mac user. I think that there'll be a time when switching from one OS to another would be second nature. Until then, I'll going to enjoy this journey of discovering Mac.


  1. awww you're so lucky Kat! Good luck tinkering around with your new baby!

    I hope you can do digital illustrations on that mac now... :) see you sa Deviant Art!

  2. I hope I can install Photoshop over the weekend so I can start drawing hehe. :D Thanks!

    Right now, it's mostly photos for my DA :D