Sunday, September 21, 2008

WQ#18: Weird Culinary Delights

This is a sequel to the WQ #17 Ugh. about whether to continue eating or to abandon eating lasagna with pig’s brain in it.

So the WQ#18 is related to this and here it goes:


What were the worst or weird food (for you) that you have ever eaten? What were your reactions?
I never got to answer last week's question, though my answer is I'd probably eat one last bite then say, "I'm full." I probably won't eat pig's brain willingly, but since I already did, let's just chalk it up to experience.

Worst or weird food that I've eaten? Hmm. Geez, that's a bit tough for some reason. I haven't really eaten anything that made me throw up. I've eaten snails, frogs, snakes and even (and I am very sorry to say this), a turtle. They don't taste bad, but then I guess it was how they were cooked.

I don't willingly eat liver, but I do eat pig and chicken intestines (isaw for the win!). I don't eat barbequed pig's blood, but occassionally, I will eat dinuguann, especially if there's nothing else to eat. Oh, the first time I ate chicken legs and pigs feet was odd, and between the two, I'd go for the chicken.

Balut? Well, I like the soup, and the yellow part, but when it comes to the chick, you can have it. Cheers!


  1. Hahahahaha you've eaten quite a few interesting stuff...snails? *gag*
    and poor turtle!

    I also wrote about mine here WQ: Weird Culinary Delights

  2. Oh yes. The snails were due to my grandmother, who made it look so good. Even cooked, it has a slightly bitter aftertaste and can be gritty if not cleaned properly. The snake and the rabbit were mostly because of a team-building activity, as well as the turtle. I regret the turtle most of all, but it wasn't until after I ate it did I learn what it was. :(

  3. Snails are ok with me, even the French like these escargot. I even have a post about it in my other blog. But snake? rabbit? and even turtle?

    Balut is a favorite n our household. The children eat everything except that white part.

    Thanks for answering the WQ. WQ is being thought of right now.

    Have a great weekend :)