Monday, October 06, 2008

About the Internet...

Don't you just love the Internet? You get to pick up all sorts of information off it with just a click of a button. It's also so easy to keep in touch with people and keep them updated with your life. Communicating with family abroad is as simple as logging in to a chat software and there you go. There's simply no reason for you not to be communicating, as well as no reason for you to be out of the loop (unless you're lazy or just totally not into the Internet thing).

It's also amazing how you can pick up great bargains through the Internet. Anyone can buy anything so long as they have the money, and everyone can sell everything, so long as someone's interested. Those who are extra resourceful can even pick up huge discounts if they have the patience to look. That's how I got my MacBook.

Another great thing with the Internet is being able to pick up information about anything and everything. Of course, one has to practice caution because you aren't 100% sure the information you're picking up is accurate or even true. That happens! It still helps to have more than two resources, and if you could back it up with a print reference, so much the better.

I've joined plenty of forums in the past years, mostly tech and gadget forums, as well as art and graphic design forums. I loved the interaction and how someone always has an answer to your question that most sites don't seem to have. I joined a forum for Filipino Macintosh users (PhilMug) early last year when my cousin gave me her old iPod Shuffle (1st gen). It won't work, so I joined the forums to ask for help. Unfortunately, no one was able to help and my brother was eventually able to make it run. It has long since died, but I kept my forum membership.

When I decided that I'd get a MacBook, I logged into the forums to search for user opinions about what model to get and how hard is it for Windows users to switch to the Mac OS. I ended up locating a dealer where I could get my Mac at at very good price, and even purchased an iPod Nano 4th gen.

In the same forum, I found tips on what would be a good cleaner for my MacBook and where to get it. I passed by Office Warehouse today, got the cleaning product called Sher and when I got home, used it and it yielded pretty good results.

Like I said, amazing thing, the Internet is. And I haven't even started on talking about discovering old friends, meeting new people and just plain having fun.

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