Monday, January 17, 2011

Bistro Ravioli: My new favorite Italian place

Every time I go for Italian food, I know that I'm going to be full. Even if I decide to order the smallest portion available, I'll always end up feeling that someone needs to roll me out of the restaurant after every meal.

My lunch at Bistro Ravioli was no exception. I had a bite or two of each dish that was ordered, and since there were about eight or so items ordered, that was already a lot. I have a habit of scarfing down what I like and not waiting for what comes next. I'm so glad I paced myself that day.

Bistro Ravioli first started as a booth at the Robinson's Galleria food court. Princess Pilarta, managing director of Bistro Ravioli, related how the mall management was skeptical about the venture, after all, Bistro Ravioli seemed a different from the other food stalls, and Filipinos weren't too familiar with ravioli. However, these fears proved to be unfounded, and Bistro Ravioli grew to expand to two full-service restaurants in SM Mall of Asia and Robinson's Place Manila, where we had our delicious meal.

Now, what you must know with Bistro Ravioli is that their breads and pastas are freshly made. A batch of pasta will be made for the lunch crowd, and then again for the dinner crowd. Pizza dough is also made within the restaurant premises, the process of which guests can see through a big glass window by the entrance of the restaurant.

We started our meal off with two antipasti dishes: Grilled Foccacia with Spinach Dip (P125) and Pizza Frita with Boursin Dip (P145). I'm a big cheese lover, so both dips are winners for me. I even had some saved and ate it with the garlic bread that came with the pasta dishes. The breads were delicious, the foccacia with just the right blend of herbs that complemented the spinach dip (oh the cheese!) and the pizza frita set off the smooth mix of the creamy boursin dip (did I mention cheese?).

Pizza Frita with Boursin Dip (P145)

Grilled Foccacia with Spinach Dip (P125)

More pictures to make you hungry after the jump.

Two ravioli dishes were also served: Italian Sausage Ravioli in Romesco Sauce (P190) and Corned Beef Ravioli (P190). The only time I ever had ravioli was in Buon Giorno in Tagaytay, and that was pretty expensive. The Italian sausage was spicy, giving a little kick to the dish. The corned beef is a surprise, because it isn't a filling that you'd normally find in ravioli. Take your time in enjoying each piece.

Italian Sausage Ravioli in Romesco Sauce (P190)

Corned Beef Ravioli (P190)

We were served Garlic Seafood Spagetti (solo, P165) and Molto Meatball Spaghetti (solo, P180).

Garlic Seafood Spagetti (solo, P165)

Molto Meatball Spaghetti (solo, P180)

If you want more than pasta, you can order Diablo Wings (P245) or Rosticciana (P350). The Diablo Wings is not as hot as I expected, which makes it a winner for me.

Diablo Wings (P245)

Rosticciana (P350)

Pizza, baked in wood-fired brick oven, is also available (for both restaurants, although not in the Robinson’s Galleria food court). We had Margherita (12", P250) and Shrimp & Basil Pesto (P300). I loved the latter, and I wasn’t full, I’d have more than a slice.

Margherita (12", P250)

Shrimp & Basil Pesto (P300)

For dessert, I had Panna Cotta w/ strawberry (P95), but you can also chose to have Tiramisu (P125) or Choco Lava (P125). The panna cotta was a big improvement over the last one I had, and it went perfectly with the fresh strawberries with syrup. The tiramisu slice is big enough to share, and the choco lava is great with coffee… or vanilla ice cream.

Tiramisu (P125)

Panna Cotta w/ strawberry (P95), Choco Lava (P125) and brewed coffee.

Bistro Ravioli has a lot of great selling points. The menu is limited, but varied. Prices are very reasonable for the serving size and the taste. It's affordable for the working professional, and students from the nearby schools can also afford to have a dish or two.

What I also loved about Bistro Ravioli is that it's got a very homey feel to it. Lunch was a fun affair because it was shared with familiar faces, Princess and Abby Tomas, and we had a great staff who attended to our needs. They understood how their guests needed to shoot first and eat later, and gamely offered their assistance when the photographers needed it. They also happily posed for pictures when asked. The meal reminded me of how my family gets together: great food, fun conversation and awesome company.

Happy and busog bloggers with Princess Pilarta and Abby Tomas

The very awesome staff of Bistro Ravioli Robinson's Place Manila. These two photos are by Russel of Digital Light Scribe.

Downside? Both restaurants are too far from me. I can live with the Robinson's Galleria branch, but for the full experience, it's must to go to either MoA or Rob's Place.

Edit: (Jan. 25, 2012) There's a Bistro Ravioli branch in Glorietta 3.

Bistro Ravioli is now my favorite Italian place for good eats.


  1. Hey Kat! great write up! I wasn't able to take note of what was served, I was too busy shooting. Actually missed the spaghetti and meat balls. :)
    See you soon!

  2. Salamat Russ! Thanks din for the great pictures. I had a bit of brainstorming with Ryan about what we ate. Good thing we had pictures of the menu! Yep, til the next food trip!