Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Adsense alternatives?

Recently, I received a letter from Google saying that my Adsense account has been disabled. I haven't really checked my account in days, and I often do so only when I remember that I have one.

Like anyone who has experienced a cancellation of this service, I was told that in a recent review of their subscribers, my account had some invalid click activity that was a threat to their advertisers, hence the cancellation. According to the FAQ, I have a chance to appeal my case, but many blogs say that the chance of that is slim. But I did submit a request for re-activation anyway.

Still, it's a shame to see it deactivated. Last I checked, I was nearing the $60 mark. That took me nearly a year to accumulate, given that my blog is a personal one and I don't really have much readers except my friends and other online contacts.

So I decided to look for Adsense alternatives. I found a few sites (that's four links, people) that gave a list of their top ten choices. Being outside the U.S., I need one that is valid in my country. So far, my choices are limited. I also decided to check out local pro-bloggers for suggestions. I'm more successful in that search.

Hopefully, I can get those ads up and running.

Edit: An hour after I submitted a request for reactivation, I received a note saying that my request was denied. I wonder if they actually took a look at it or they just have an auto response for that? Oh well, on to the alternatives.


  1. we have the same predicament. i have no google adsense on my account because they said somebody clicked it several times. so bad experience with them. :(

  2. It really sucks. Yung mga hindi big time blogs/sites are the ones that get bumped off Adsense most of the time. Hay. Hopefully I can find other options soon. :)

  3. Kat,

    Ganyan diin ako nung nov 2007. Dinisable yung adsense ko. ang ginawa ko eh ipinangalan ko sa wife ko yung new adsense account na gamit ko ngayon.

  4. Hi Jessie! Siguro I'll create a new account sometime soon. Right now, try ko muna ang mga alternatives na makita ko, although I think wala pa ring nakaka-tapat sa Adsense. :D

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