Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Director Satoshi Kon, 47, passes away

It's a sad, sad morning as I am greeted by the news that Satoshi Kon has passed away at age 47. Kon-san is best known among anime fans as the award winning director of anime movies like Tokyo Godfathers, Paprika, Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress.

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Jim Vowles of the Otakorp Board of Directors for the Otakon convention confirmed Kon's death with MADHOUSE studio founder Masao Maruyama. Maruyama first mentioned about the death of a director through his Twitter account, but didn't say who it was.

I saw Perfect Blue when I was in college and it creeped me out. Tokyo Godfathers was the next movie of his that I saw, and has been so far my favorite. I even did a small review of it. Paprika and Millenium Actress are also both great movies that you mustn't miss.

Rest in peace.

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