Thursday, February 04, 2010

Turn around: Globelines DSL does good

Just a quick update.

I feel the need to say something good about my ISP, which you all know is Globelines.

Since Typhoon Ondoy, I haven't had much trouble with the service. I say "much" because there are odd moments when the service was slow, or a few hours of downtime (none of which I reported because I figured it would come back up soon).

The biggest awesome thing they did was give us subscribers free service. Remember how I ranted about their bad signal for so long? I can't (and won't) take it back because it was really awful, now I'm just going to say "Thank you."

Globe waived my bill that's equivalent to about a month's service, due to Typhoon Ondoy. But that's not all that's good. In my next billing cycle, I didn't see any charges either. I don't know if that was due to them giving me a rebate for the complaints I called in earlier, but it was still a blessing.

Thanks again, Globe. This is enough for me to start singing your praises for good changes to your service. Hope it continues.


  1. 脾氣與嘴巴不好,就算心地再好,也不算好人~~~..................................................

  2. How about posting a speed test or something so we can see how great your line is. The problem with globelines dsl service is high pings.

    here is my pingtest of my 3mb line.

    For a broadband service to be considered good pings would have to be under 100ms but globelines can not provide that. My 266ms ping is to a node less than 50 miles away.
    Details on the line quality D grade is "Most online applications will NOT perform well but should function in some capacity".
    Gee, thanks globelines for the top of the line 3mb dsl line that does not perform well.

  3. I don't really trust the numbers I see on speedtests, as often it doesn't really reflect what's going on as I use it. Admittedly, Globe's speeds are far from what they've advertised, but so far, for my needs, I'm happy with what they're showing.

    That may change after a while though. *sigh*