Thursday, April 16, 2009

Testing: MarsEdit 2

A few weeks ago, I joined a contest in MacAppStorm. The price was a license for the Red Sweater blogging software for Mac OSX, MarsEdit. All one has to do was leave a comment on the post or follow the blog on Twitter. Since I already had them on my Twitter, I decided to post a comment.

My DSL was out Tuesday night, so it wasn't until I went to work the next day did I see the results. I wasn't really expecting anything, so I didn't read the entry immediately, checking out my other feeds first. To my surprise, I actually won the contest.

I'm testing it out right now. Installation... there wasn't any. After extracting the file and dragging it to my applications folder, that was it. Open it and I was ready to go.

I added my four blogs including this one, and am using/used MarsEdit to write this post. It's rather nice to see all my tags/categories listed on the side of the post pane. My usual problem with tags is I forget which ones I have and sometimes I end up making new ones.

I like how the main window works like an email client, or iMail. I see my blogs on a list on one side, then the twenty most recent posts, and if I click on those, I get a preview at the bottom pane. Nice. I don't have to browse through my blog's pages to find a post or so about this or that. I can do a search here.

Biggest plus? It frees up space on my browser, and I don't have to worry about losing my entry should in any case the server or the Internet connection fails while I'm publishing.

So far, in this very brief use of MarsEdit, I find it very convenient. I'm looking forward to using it more in the future.

Many thanks to the folks of MacAppStorm and MarsEdit for this software. I consider it as an excellent birthday gift!

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