Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tech updates

I recently updated my Yahoo Messenger on my MacBook. It's now Version 3.0 Beta 4 (156957).

Changes? Well, I changed my font color, and noticed that when I opened a new chat window, the colors are automatically on. Today, when I signed in, the colors are still there so that's definitely a good change!

However, my avatar's gone when I signed in. Even when I tried to change it, it's still blank.

My DSL is up and running fine now, thanks to my brother's insistence in having a technician come over to get it fixed. I hope this will stick, because I'm really sick of dealing with a very bad quality service.


  1. With how we use our PC these days, we cannot afford to have a problem with our internet connection.

  2. Hay, so true. It's like the only time I'm not online is when I'm commuting or asleep. Still, naka "away" mode on YM haha.

  3. Ever notice how most software for Mac is in Beta? One of these days developers will find the true meaning of a good platform when they see it.

  4. Yeah, it's like it's been beta for years even if it's been around for a long time. I wish that they'd get it done right though.

    I heard that Google's Chrome is in the works for Mac, as well as uTorrent. Not that I'm changing browsers or torrent clients, but I wonder how long will they be in the beta stage?