Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Review: Yoroshiku Master

Manga-ka: Tsukaba Sakura
Volumes: One (Three chapters plus a one-shot)
Can be found at/Scanlated by: DragonVoice

17-year-old Sagara Kurumi is about to spend Christmas alone. As she contemplates on her fate, she bumps into a young man on busy street. To her surprise, an elastic bond immediately encases her wrist, connecting her to the boy. He --- Kaito --- seems happy about it, and even calls her master! Kaito then proceeds to explain that she is his Santa, and he can do everything she tells him too. Kurumi couldn't believe it at first, and she thought Kaito was crazy, but seems to be like the real thing.

I have never been fond of "master-servant" type of stories, as they always seem to have a dark mood, and it's often always the girl who is the servant.

Yoroshiku Master isn't like that at all. The way Kaito and Kurumi act kind of reminds me of Haruhi and Tamaki of Ouran High (when they're not fighting anyway), and there is also a physical resemblance between the two couples. Kaito is very fond of Kurumi, and Kurumi has feelings for Kaito as well, but tries to deny it.

In Chapter 3, the ghost of Kaito's grandfather (who was also a reindeer) appears and tells Kaito not to get carried away by his feelings, as these feelings were placed there because of the Santa-reindeer relationship. Kaito argues (all while smiling, ala-Fye) that what he feels is real, and if it isn't, then he will make it real. Kurumi overhears this, and begins to think that maybe, Kaito was the real thing after all.

Oh yeah, Kaito's grandfather is one beautiful guy! Bishie alert!

I enjoyed this story, though I feel that there's not much attention given to the growing feeling between the two. I supposed that's because there wasn't any actual revelations done between Kaito and Kurumi, even though we as readers would become aware of Kaito's feelings. Still, it's a pretty good read. The artwork is beautiful, and there are plenty of sweet moments between Kaito and Kurumi to satisfy my romantic cravings.

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